No this is not a scam I really am posting a blog post. Hey everyone I’m hoping all of you are doing well. It’s been a minute since I last posted something, I missed y’all. Let’s see what I supposedly “Missed”

It’s 2018 now, it’s a fresh new start that everyone was praying for. How is that for you guys so far, mine was rocky in the beginning but I think it’s alright. I heard Vine 2 is supposed to come out somewhere this year, and I am so excited for that to happen. I was thinking about making some vines myself. I mean a lot of my friends think I’m funny enough to be on there, but I mean my tweets..those need god no one can really help those. I don’t know, what do you think of me making vines? but what I am scared about social media is that once you get big there is no going back to a normal life. Everything you do is a story, your entire life is online and say you do something dumb and an employer saw that shit, there is no going back from it. I do want to do it for the kicks but if I end up viral, my mom would kill me.

I wanna know what you guys are up too, whats you life’s been like. I miss conversing in the comments with you all.

Should I talk about music since it is my favourite subject. I learned how to play the guitar guys! I can play chords and songs, and I can finger pick a little bit. That sound disgusting but trust me it’s not. I am supposed to perform the song sweater weather in front of my class singing and all and basically tell them why I chose it and so I’m debating on making up a fake boyfriend, but us breaking up.

I also been loving Daniel Caesar, I can’t stop singing get you it’s such a bop. Also Troye came out with two singles. I like my my my but I never got to listen to the other song. Cardi B is flooding my playlist, she is such a great rapper!!!!

Deadass all I rap is Cardi and when finesse came out I cried because it was such an 80’s kinda bop that we needed.

Alright I don’t have much to really say but if you wanna see things from me let me know I am open to any suggestion.

see ya


hello and goodbye

well hello there,

i completely forgot i ran a blog, that’s so embarrassing. hope everyone is doing well and is happy. i just wanted to come on here to see what’s up and if anyone is still blogging. i’m very happy to see that most of the blogs i follow are still writing.

*random side note*

i loved to write here, this was the one place i could be free to do what i wanted. post my own stories, my thought, music i really liked, and more. then i started to make it feel like a job, an unpaid one to be exact, and then i just didn’t enjoy it anymore. i then re branded changed everything including the name that i’ve been using for 3 years.

now, i just post when i want whether it be everyday or once every 3 months. i feel as though i should write here because i want to, and that’s what i plan to do. i just wanted to clear that up since i literally posted i believe in october.

things for me are starting to get good, i don’t want to jinx anything but, i really feel a change in me. it’s a good change i feel very content with my surroundings, with what i’m learning, and with what i’m doing in general. my stomach is just flutttering thinking about my future because i think it’s going to be bright. at least thats what i’m hoping it would feel. i just wanted to say some thing before the year ended, oh yeah did you guys know its december?

2017 can gtfo, i’m thinking majority are with me on that statement. i really hope 2018 is gonna be good because thats all we can do, right? hope for the best.

anyway i’ll catch you all around and if i happen to blog next year, merry christmas, happy new year, happy hanukkah, and happy kwanzaa. i think i got all of the major holidays coming up.

see ya


p.s fun fact i had a category called “freak out friday” i know i cringe every time i read it. okay for real bye.

order 231

“you should just leave”

“you aren’t even apart of this family anymore”


“Order 231!” the server yells over the busy crowd.”Order 231?”

I snap out of my thoughts and checked my number. 231. I slowly walk up to the server and quietly grab food.

“Thank you.” I say so quietly I could barely hear myself. I walk to the most isolated spot in the store and sat quietly to myself.

I check my phone to see a message I didn’t feel like answering. It was my brother mostly asking me where I was so he could pick me up. It’s an ongoing routine I get kicked out and my brother drags me back in. My parents love him the most, I honestly couldn’t tell you why. He was perfect in ways I couldn’t be, he had a future, and I was a mess who didn’t even have a slim chance at having a life.

Instead of answering him I put my phone down and sat quietly. Listening to other people’s conversations.

“Is this seat taken?” asks a random stranger. I froze in place for a couple seconds before I realized he was waiting for my answer. “No.” I say allowing him to take a seat.

“What’s your name?” he asks looking at me with the warm smile.

“Ever.” I say hesitantly

“Jack.” he grins holding his hand out for me to shake. I hesitantly reach over to shake the cute boys hand, I managed to crack a small smile. I noticed he was wearing a uniform, which means he works here.

“Shouldn’t you go back to work?” I ask nodding towards his uniform. He quickly looks down and looks back at me. “No, not when you’re sitting here by yourself.” he says nonchalantly.

“So Ever, is it short for Evergreen?” he ask curiously. The glimmer in his eyes made me want to spill everything about myself to him. Realizing what kind of effect he has on me makes me build my guard up quickly.

“Yeah.” I say lowly looking down.

“Are you okay Evergreen?” he asks making me look up from my lap.

I wanted to say no and spill my heart out about my shit life, but me being the quiet person I am I told him I was.

“I don’t believe you.” He says starting off. “You come in here almost every day with the same tired sad look that you have now, you also order the same thing at the same time to the point where we already have it prepared for you before you come in.” He says looking at me straight in the eyes. “I don’t think you’re okay Evergreen.”

dO NOT ASK. I just wrote it It’s messy but its what I got. Hope you enjoyed.


As humans we learn a few thing. I know I am pointing out the obvious, but hear me out. I like to tell a few life lessons I’ve learned so living on this world for 18 years. By doing so I like to believe I am helping others. I could also be writing this to nobody and they don’t give a shit about what I learned and that they know everything about anything.

That’s up to them all I could do is give out what I know and hope someone will take it. Yes, I do have a life lesson for you, but it’s more of a back story, a downfall, and a dusting yourself off and trying again kinda moment.

I am a procrastinator as you know, or at least was a procrastinator. I would spend most days staring at my homework thinking I knew it but in the end I didn’t know jack shit. I would cry and wail thinking “I should know it I studied” 

Little did I know studying is more than staring at your books and calling it a day. I then didn’t get to where I wanted to go, instead I’m stuck on plan A. This drove me to be upset for a long while until I said. “It’s not too late.”

(I don’t think saying what had happen will do anything, plus I really don’t want to expose myself so I won’t tell you guys what happens. Anyways back to my rant.)

I got started on what I needed to do and  to where I needed to go. Life throws obstacles all around us guys okay it’s okay to get knocked down. The only thing that matters is if you get up again. I believe in God and that God has a plan for all of us and that we need just stick to our guts. Mine told me to get up wipe those tears because you’re a strong woman who can get through this.

At the end of the day we will always have people trying to tear us down, or think that we will end up someplace we shouldn’t be. All you need to do is focus on yourself and don’t let nobody get in you way because you’re a strong man or a strong woman.

Now stop reading this and go do something great.

bye for now.

casual chit chat

Good day mates.

I shouldn’t be allowed to blog I am so sorry for even posting that intro. Anyway hello reader welcome if you’re new and if you were already here welcome back. I’m currently dying from a cold my body is giving up on me and school started only 2 weeks ago. I mean it’s fine, I’m fine, it’s cool you can go ahead and just shut down you have my permission.

I’m being sarcastic to those who can’t sense sarcasm. I may or may not be juggling writing a post, along with doing my homework, as well as watching YouTube.  What a great student/blogger/fangirl.

Lately I’ve been listening to bodak yellow by cardi b to get myself pumped before doing anything. Like I need to get up early I play it and start getting pumped and I’m ready for school.

I took a guitar class by the way, it’s very hard to learn. The guitar is my favourite instrument though so I’m very determined to learn it and be able to sing and play at the same time. I swear its like patting your head and rubbing your belly hard. I learned how to play sick of losing soul mates by Dodie on the guitar. It’s literally two stings and like the same notes over and over so it wasn’t that hard to learn. I will keep you posted on my progression as I learn the guitar.

I hate waiting for the weather to change because like summer lasts forever and it won’t end. I’m waiting for the cold weather so I can wear my hoodies, knit sweaters, and beanies. Like if it’s hot how am I going to do that.

anyway, it literally took me days to write this which is why it’s all over the place. I hope you don’t get too confused. I hope you have a great rest of you day and I’ll catch you on the next one.

PSA: I don’t know what to write next and I feel like giving the people what they want so if you want my opinion on things or advice just drop a comment or something. Or, you could just tweet me @2ambyrose which is also on you right if you’re reading on my website.

ok bye



I see myself doing a lot of things when I grow older. I really want to travel somewhere and learn all sorts of different cultures. Visit my home country meet extraordinary people and learn lessons from them. Before I do all of those things I plan on being something else. I want to be a nurse some day, helping people has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was little. I guess that was before I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer.

honestly, I’ve realized a lot of things when I turned 18. Guys, adulting is very hard no one taught me how to open a bank account, how to build credit, what finances are, and so much more. When ever I asked for help they said. “Nobody is going to hold your hand for the rest of your life.  You have to learn to face this stuff by yourself at some point in your life.”

Every time I’m stuck and can’t figure something out I always ask for help. Lately I’ve been doing things all on my own and I’m very proud of myself. Adulting is hard, in fact it is a new chapter in your life where you learn a hundred things at once. Personally I like challenges. when you accomplish something as little as opening your bank account it’s very liberating because you had no one with you to do it and you’re a free person.

That is all i have for you today guys I really hope you have a fantastic day.

See you soon


little advice

The whole point of advice is to use it, then pass it on to someone you think would need it the most and so forth.

Hello everyone I hope all of you are having a great day, currently this week is probably the best week of my life. I just wanted to talk about a few things, it might be dark and it might be positive we will see.

So, basically things haven’t been so great for me these past few years, I’ve gone through a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts. I was very very negative towards myself, but not once was I negative towards others. I always believed that everyone can reach their maximum power when encouraged. I always pushed my friends to be the best they can be, and that they are worth so much more than they thought they were. During this time I was negative to myself despite sprinkling every ounce of positivity on other people. I don’t regret any of it trust me, I would do it over and over again. My friends reached their maximum points and I know they will do amazing things for our generation. They all moved on, while I was stuck behind because I didn’t put any time or effort into me.

I hit another low after that I would cry almost every day, I would say horrible shit about myself and just would take the negativity to another level. Then I thought, how the hell am I going to get somewhere if I keep mopping around like this. So this summer I took it upon myself to ditch the negativity in the past and start being positive. Of course it was hard, but it started to get easier over time. Things started to get better I made plans for the future and I think I can make it to where I want to be. This week has opened my eyes to what being positive is all about. If you do good and be good, good things will happen to you. This coming from someone who was deep in the dark.

For those who are going through stuff, please don’t give up on yourself yet. You are so much more than you think you are. You’re smart, beautiful, and amazing. Don’t let yourself or anyone else tell you other wise.

This is it from me, I hope you enjoyed this post and have a happy day.

Song recommendation of the Day: Hoodie – Hey Violet